About Anasazi Village Condos

Anasazi Village is a unique destination experience! It is a community of 602 condo owners. Some are full time residents, some are part time, and some are owners who offer their condos for rent because they want visitors to the valley of the sun to experience not only our excellent location for those visiting the greater Phoenix area but also what makes Anasazi Village a “hidden gem” among rental options offered in our area.

A local Realtor who lives at Anasazi Village describes the experience of living here this way:

You can visit Mary Jordan’s website at MaryJordanAZ.com if you ever decide you would rather be an owner instead of a renter.   Maricopa County which includes Phoenix and the surrounding cities is the fastest growing county in the US since more and more people are discovering the advantages of not only visiting and renting here but living here as well.

What makes Anasazi Village so special is the blended mixing of all age groups and having opportunities to socialize with both owners and other renters. Other rental destinations do not provide these experiences. For example, each month the Activities Committee publishes a calendar of events for everyone, owners and renters, to enjoy.

Sample Anasazi Calendar

(Sample of monthly social activities calendar)

You can choose to participate in any activity or not according to your interests. If your intention in coming to Anasazi Village is to “get away from it all,” you can do that without interacting with anyone because our community is an oasis of peace and quiet in the desert of the southwest US. If you choose to participate with others in social activities, you will quickly make new friends as you share tips and information about things to do and places to see.

For those who want to meet others, the central location for most activities is the clubhouse. Here you will find 2 exercise rooms (upstairs and downstairs), a recreation center, a social room, and a helpful HOA office adjacent to the lobby.

Anasazi Clubhouse

Anasazi Village is NOT a senior community where residents must be 55+ although over half the people who live and visit here are over 50 years old. People of all ages are welcome at Anasazi Village.

Anasazi Property Map

Find your place to experience all the benefits of staying in a condo at Anasazi Village.  Whether you want to experience the relaxing atmosphere of an interesting and caring community or use our central location to launch your exploration into all the sights and attractions surrounding Anasazi, you will love this vacation experience.  Just click on the property listings to see the condos available when you want to visit.

Last Updated: January 20, 2020