Rental Condo Owners Info

If you own a condo in Anasazi Village that you want to rent, we would like to list your property on this website which is solely devoted to Anasazi condo rentals. You can avoid the restrictions and fees charged by the large rental websites such as:

  1. Only allowing payment by credit card
  2. Automatic collection of lodging taxes which may not apply to you
  3. Having your ranking affected by how quickly you reply to inquiries
  4. Having your ranking negatively affected by denying a renter
  5. Service fees renters pay in addition to your listing fees
  6. Service fee of 3% you pay for getting your money prior to renter check-in
  7. Inability to contact renters directly by phone or email
  8. No way to screen potential renters regarding suitability*

For several years there has been consolidation going on in the property rental business where larger companies like Expedia (and others) have been purchasing smaller companies (like Homeaway, VRBO and many others) so rental properties can be offered on many different platforms and websites.  In an effort to attract more rental inquiries through their websites, they have done extensive TV marketing.  This costs them a lot of money in addition to the costs of buying smaller rental companies.  Someone has to pay these costs and you have seen your listing fees or commissions triple in the past few years plus they have started charging renters a “service fee” for booking a rental property.  This business model is broken!  We are here to fix it for Anasazi owners who want to rent their condos.

We can offer you an Internet listing of your rental condo without the restrictions and costs of these large rental platforms.  Plus we can offer you additional services that these large rental companies cannot offer and do it at a price which is below the prices charged by these large companies.  You will be able to accept payment from renters by check, cash, or money order like you have done in the past.  You won’t be blocked from direct communication with a prospective renter by phone or email like you have been on these large rental websites.  You can do your own screening or background checks on a renter before you accept them which is something the big rental companies don’t do.  You can avoid having those lodging taxes automatically collected even if you don’t owe them.(Arizona has complex laws on lodging tax exemptions and exclusions plus new laws became effective on January 1, 2019 regarding what Arizona law refers to as an “Online Lodging Marketplace” so compliance with all these laws is your responsibility.)

We can offer you three levels of service.  The most basic level allows you to have complete control over your listing.  You provide the description, the pictures, and the rates you want to charge, maintain your reservation calendar, and do everything you are already doing to list your property on one or more of the national or multi-national rental websites.  If you have your condo listed on one or more of the other large rental websites, you will want to change your listing from an annual subscription basis to a commission basis so they only get a cut of your profits if they find you a renter for an open period on your calendar.  In other words, you will have them working for you and they only get paid if they find a renter for you!

The second and third levels of service reduce what you need to do to rent your Anasazi condo.  For the second level of service, we will provide your condo description and all pictures plus maintain the list of amenities, facilities, and policies for your listing.  You will be responsible for setting the rental rates for every season, maintaining the calendar of when your condo is available to rent, providing a “profile book” with information and instructions for your renters, and handling each renters check-in and check-out process plus make cleaning arrangements between renters.  This gives you complete control in deciding who to rent your condo to and how you will be paid.

For the third level of service, we will handle all the details you are responsible for in the first and second levels of service.  In other words, we will act as total property managers for you and all you need to handle is paying your property taxes, any other taxes imposed by the state, country, or city, plus whatever property insurance you decide to carry.  You will not need to do anything related to the day to day oversight of your rental condo except maybe decide what upgrades you want to make and when you want to make them.

Obviously, the first level of service costs the least and the third level of service costs the most.  We do not charge a commission or percentage of what you receive for renting your condo.  We charge a yearly fee for having each condo you own listed on this website and the amount is determined by the level of service you want for making your condo available to the public.  There are two things to remember.  First, no one provides the second and third level of service together with the listing of your condo except us!  Second, even if you can find someone to act as property manager for you (usually in the range of 10% to 20% of the rental fee charged); we are offering a complete service at less cost to you.  To discuss your situation and needs, contact us.

*We do not advocate discrimination in any form but you are entitled to reduce your risk by not renting to those with criminal convictions.

Last updated on August 22, 2019